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Black vs Brown Mascara: Which One Should You Wear?

two women side by side applying black and brown mascara to their eyelashes

Black or brown mascara: which one should you choose? Black mascara has been the classic go-to shade for many of us, but it might be time to rethink as brown mascara is stealing the spotlight. Not sure where to start? We delve into the benefits of both and which is best for you.

Benefits of black mascara

The classic black mascara is hard to beat. It’s a firm choice if you’re wanting defined and dramatic lashes or smoky eyes, as black mascara is great for making the eyes more prominent.

It’s been a make-up staple for years thanks to the wider variety of formulas that support your individual lash needs, whether it’s to treat, volumise, or give them a fuller appearance. No7 Age-Defying All-in-One Serum Mascara nourishes and strengthens lashes for instantly youthful-looking eyes, while giving lashes that luscious volume.

Benefits of brown mascara

So why choose brown mascara? It’s a great option if you want to achieve a more natural look and enhance your lashes in a subtler way. So if you’re going for a ‘no make-up’ make-up look, a daytime lash lift or something elegant for a wedding, brown mascara might just be for you.

Try No7 Intense Volume Mascara, expertly formulated to combine extreme volume with perfect separation. The traditional bristle-style wand clings to eyelashes for a fuller-looking effect while still achieving a natural flutter.

What mascara suits your skin tone, eye & hair colour?

When it comes to choosing between black and brown mascara, it’s worth considering what complements your skin tone. If you’re more fair-skinned with blonde or red hair and have blue or green eyes, brown mascara is better suited as the softer shade brings out the colour of your irises and warms your skin tone. 

As black mascara delivers more impact, this tends to work better on darker skin tone, eyes and hair colour while still looking natural. However, it’s just as easy to recreate a dramatic look with thicker brushes and mascaras that promise full, long-lasting and volumised lashes like the No7 Stay Perfect Ultra Mascara.

two women side by side applying black and brown mascara to their eyelashes

Black vs brown mascara: which one should I choose?

The bottom line is there’s no right or wrong answer. While black mascara is a firm favourite, brown mascara shouldn’t be underrated, so which one is worth adding to your make-up bag?

It’s worth having both depending on the look you’re wanting to achieve, whether you use them both together or separately. No7 4D Lift and Curling Mascara delivers enviable lift, curl, length and volume and comes in both black and brown shades so you can enjoy the same finish in the colour that suits you best.

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