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Finding The Best Foundation For Your Skin Type

Finding the best foundation for your skin type can be daunting.

It’s becoming increasingly important that we think not only about colour and coverage, but texture, format and skin benefit too.

At No7, our make-up is powered by our skin expertise and we’ve something to help suit your skin needs. Whether you’ve been having a spot of bother finding a foundation that banishes breakouts and oiliness, defies dry and downright drab skin, or whether you’re looking for something with added anti-ageing benefits – we are here to help you find the best foundation for your skin type.

Dry Skin

If your complexion falls under the Sahara-like spectrum then finding a foundation that will not cake or cling to dry patches can feel like mission impossible. Whilst dry skin might be less likely to break-out, it can tend to feel tight and uncomfortable and is more prone to fine lines. Choosing a hydrating base is key. The more moisture you add, the better your skin will feel, so we recommend choosing a foundation with hydrating properties that will infuse moisture into the skin for longer, to quench and comfort dry skin.

The perfect pick-me up for dry skin, our Hydraluminous Moisturising Foundation gives you visibly fresh and radiant looking skin. Designed to love your skin over time, this foundation is infused with an active blend of anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E and grapeseed oil to moisturise, for a flawless, natural finish and healthy all-day glow.

Normal or Combination Skin

If you have normal skin then congratulations, you’re one of the lucky ones. However, if you have more combination skin, finding the perfect foundation is a bit trickier. Combination skin can be confusing as some areas of the skin, mainly the cheek region may be dry while the rest of the face, particularly the nose and forehead may be oily or prone to occasional breakouts. Look for a natural-looking and hard-wearing foundation that balances your complexion, for a fresh-faced feel that lasts as long as you do.

An everyday go-to for non-stop complexion perfection, our Stay Perfect Foundation won’t let you down, no matter what life throws at you. This life-proof foundation gives you a naturally flawless complexion with serious staying power – disguising uneven skin tone, blemishes and pores for beautifully smooth skin that looks and feels fresh all day long.

Oily Skin

If you experience oily skin, the struggle is real when it comes to finding a foundation that controls the excess oil and stays in place all day. More often than not, the reason that foundation slips and slides on oily skin is that it’s simply the wrong formula. When choosing a foundation for an oily complexion, look for mattifying and oil-free formula that controls shine throughout the day without blocking or clogging.

Our Beautifully Matte Foundation, containing fine oil-absorbing powders, glides effortlessly onto skin for a velvety soft finish with no powdery flatness.  Not only do blemishes, flaws and pores appear minimised, but the formula has SPF 15 to help protect against the effects of the sun.

Mature Skin

Your skin may have changed over the years, so your go-to foundation might not be the best one to keep using. With age, skin naturally loses its elasticity and firmness, lines and wrinkles become more defined, and skin tone appears less even. Get the most out of your make-up by choosing a foundation that is hydrating, comfortable and enriched with anti-ageing skincare ingredients for an added boost to your everyday routine.

For instantly smoother, firmer and more radiant looking skin, look no further than our Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION Serum Foundation. Enriched with anti-ageing skincare ingredients from our No7 Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION Serum, this foundation instantly improves the appearance of fine lines, firmness and uneven skin tone, whilst our blend of optical blurrers and light reflecting particles glides on for a flawless-looking, glowing complexion. The hydrating and flexible formula stays in place all day and with SPF15, helps to actively protect skin from ageing effects of the sun.

To help find the perfect foundation for you beyond skin type such as shade, undertone and finish, why not try our No7 Foundation Quiz. After all, we believe it’s best to cover all bases.

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