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Getting The Most Out Of Your Mascara with Emily Simms

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Discover how to apply mascara in the best way with make-up artist Emily Simms – whether you want to add lift, length, volume, definition or curl this step by step guide is for you.

Step 1: Start with a fresh base

Prepare the eye area by cleansing the eye of any dirt or oil using Radiant Results Eye Makeup remover. Remove last traces of oil by sweeping a damp cotton pad over the eye area.

Step 2: Apply a lightweight eye cream

Applying a lightweight eye cream such as the HydraLuminous Eye Hydrator will prepare skin around the eyes for makeup, without leaving the skin with a greasy residue. Pat a grain-of-rice sized amount around the orbital bone (eye socket).

Step 3: Curl lashes

For gravity-defying curl, use the Lift & Curve Eyelash Curler on clean lashes. Press onto the roots of lashes and repeat along the lash all the way to the tip.

Step 4: Prime the eyes

Prime the eyelid area and lower lash-line with Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Primer. This primer is designed to stop oil and moisture from breaking through to your eyeshadow, liner or mascara, so it’s perfect for increasing the longevity of your makeup look. Prime lashes with Lash Impact Primer to increase lash volume and ensure eye makeup is held in place for longer.

Step 5: Create a powdered base

To create a perfect, long wearing matte base, set your eye area with Flawless Finishing powder, and apply your chose No7 eyeshadow.

Step 6: Apply your favourite mascara

Select your favourite mascara, or to reach new lengths, apply 4D Lift & Curl Mascara. Starting at the roots of your lashes coat upwards using the specially designed wand. Turn to the tip of the wand to separate and grip hold of every lash. Zig zag across lower lashes to finish.

If you find mascara often prints or smudges on you, gently pinch the tips of your lower lashes to remove any excess of product.

Step 7: Lock lashes into place

Keep your lashes looking perfect all day with an extra coat of our Lash & Brow Perfector. This clear gel is perfect for setting lashes or brow hairs into place.

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