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As well as changes to your hair, some treatments for cancer can cause changes to your eyebrows and eyelashes or you may also find that you’re struggling with dark circles. No7 and Macmillan Make-up Artist and Educator, Emily Simms, shares her top tips and tricks for overcoming the side effects of cancer treatment that can affect your eyes. From filling out sparse brows to applying false lashes and creating a beautiful eye-defining look, Emily’s got you covered.

Always consult your medical team before using new products.


How to shape your brows

Discover how to shape and fill sparse eyebrows.

Some people going through cancer treatment may experience their eyebrows becoming thin or falling out completely.

Emily shows you how to prime your brow, before talking you through how to draw on the shape of your natural brow and define the area.

How to apply C-lash

Find out how to apply these clever falsies.

Some cancer treatments may cause your eyelashes to thin or fall out completely. Emily demonstrates how to apply these genius false lashes which stick to your eyelid rather than your real lashes.


How to define your eyes

Top tips to enhance and define your eyes.

Emily shows you how to prime and prepare your eye area, before creating a beautifully subtle look to help you look and feel more like yourself again.

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