Embr Wave 2

Immediate skin cooling relief during hot flushes in a discreet & stylish design

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Looks pretty.

Boots.com review I've had my Embr bracelet all about 5 minutes & this is just my initial thoughtsvery excited to get it charged & up & runningcharging was easy & putting the bracelet on & connecting & using the app.It's cold so I put it on 30 minute timer & could choose between heat 1 to 5 so I put it into gear level 5After a few minutes I hurriedly disconnected it from my wrist I have a red burn markI reconnected but to no 3 & it was comfortable but my arms were not covered & I felt cold.I warmed up a can of Heinz chicken soup without wearing the bracelet & have felt comfortable & warm since.I've not looked at the science to this bracelet yet but was thinking what if it worked like a thermostat warming or cooling your blood from your wrist & it then flowing round your body like a boiler that works your central heating.My internet connection was intermittent & I can't google any information yet & I got a fright as a message came up saying my password on my Santander bank acct had been compromised but couldn't even log in I should worry with 7 pence in the acct.So sorry folks I can't really give a fair review till it's running properly & I can get the instructions.

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Boots.com review Really impressed. I get hot and cold very easily and although this is no miracle I've been wearing it for about a year and I notice that the little impact it does have has actually made a really positive impact in my life. Sometimes when I'm really cold and people say put a jumper on I find I can't warm myself up but a blast of the hot setting really helps. And when I'm randomly really hot like when you first get on the tube the cold setting gets me back to normal. I think the mixed reviews are probably regarding people's expectations of this little device! I would say it would actually be quite helpful if for the next version they put a little clock on it as well because you can't wear a watch at the same time. Also if you use the cold setting many times in a row then the outside will get warm just like a fridge so you have to keep that in mind. It's really worth trying if you get hot and cold easily. But curb expectations of what it will do as it's not like having a fan or sitting under an electric blanket it's just a little nudge to get your body back to normal to stop it over reacting to temperature changes.

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For partner

Boots.com review Was partner that gote to get her it she loves it and says it works great would recommend

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Finally no more night sweats for me!

Boots.com review Love this item really helps with hot flushes. Pre set of 9 hrs is great for me during the the night.expensive I know for me it's worth it.

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No more night sweats!

Boots.com review Bought about a month ago love it! Couldn't be without it now. Pre set of 9hrs is great for me during the night.no more night sweats! Expensive I know but it works for me!

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Best thing I've got in ages.

Boots.com review I was given this about three weeks ago as a present. Background: I'm a menopausal women in my early 50' on HRT and been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. I have to say I absolutely love it! Yes you do have to give it time and experiment with the different settings I.e. I've found that leaving to run all night is not the way to go for me but just to turn it on if I wake. Using it in the day either on warm or cold really relaxes me and calms me when I'm stressed I.e. when doing the supermarket shop or sitting in traffic when im late. Yes it keeps disconnecting from the app on my phone but I just turn bluetooth off and back on again and that solves it so not a problem. I love it and wouldn't be without it. It's the best thing I've got in ages and I'm big into health things and gadgets etc. (I tried the menopause magnet you clip in your underwear: rubbish would not recommend).The only thing I would like to ask Boots is: have you any plans to stock the accessories? I'd like a comfort case to help protect my embr wave. It costs a fair bit and it seems highly unreasonable to not stock something that would prolong it's life.

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Lovie it so far wish accessories were available!

Boots.com review I've been using this for a few months now. I put it on every night and it really helps to limit the hot flushes I experience throughout the night. I occasionally put it on during the day if I feel I'm having a clammy day but usually I save it for nighttime. It's very easy to use and i haven't experienced any issues with it so far. My only negative comment would be that Boots sell this product for a substantial amount of money however none of the accessories are available to purchase alongside the device and the company which manufactures the bracelet are in America and don't ship to the UK. I find this disappointing and not particularly well thought out by Boots.

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Doesn't help my hot flushes or sleep

Boots.com review I really really wanted to be able to write a good review for this product. It was my last resort. I've had almost 5 years of horrific hot flushes (about 2 mins soaked with sweat every 45 mins of every day) and waking up 3-12 times a night. It's been driving me crazy but I don't want to take HRT because of a breast cancer history. I have wasted hundreds of pounds trying every single herbal remedy etc to no avail. Unfortunately this bracelet doesn't work for me. I have tried wearing it in different places on my wrist as they suggest but it just doesn't work. For me it literally only feels cold for about 3 seconds. It actually only pulses but the next pulse for me seems to be minutes away. Also it doesn't anticipate your hot flushes so by the time I hit the button it's too late. It also doesn't give me instant cold - there's about a 5-10 second delay. So I'm already a sweaty mess by the time it starts but it's only a brief cold injection. Another thing I don't like is the need for bluetooth to be on all night and the tracking just seems to relate to the programme you choose not your individual reactions. You can however programme it to do the all night cooling without the bluetooth on - but it made absolutely no difference to my sleep. Also the upper part of the gadget gets really hot and unfortunately this doesn't help someone who has hot flushes! The app has also said a few times that it's too hot to function and I should turn it off for a few minutes. I'm very disappointed. For the price I really thought it would help. I appreciate it's new technology and I hope it does come down in price soon because it seems to help some women and we're a very neglected demographic when it comes to our health needs.

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I wouldn't be without it now.

Boots.com review I was sceptical but willing to try this out. It's been very helpful in reducing the severity of my hot flushes. I'd say about 75% of the time. I find it allows me to manage the hot flushes in situations where I can't have a fan or similar with me. That means my quality of life is much better.It doesn't reduce the frequency but that's okay. It's comfortable to wear unobtrusive and the battery life is good. It pays to your phone by Bluetooth and you can use the app to control and personalise the settings. That does mean that it has to pay with the app every time you open it. That's not a fault that's how it works. Similarly when it's on cool setting the other side does get warm and again that's how it works but it won't burn you. Yes it is expensive but if like me you can't take HRT it's brilliant at helping you to manage your hot flushes

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Amazing Solution to Menopausal Hot Flushes

Boots.com review I bought this for my wife to help with her hot flushes which were really very bad to the point she was depressed. She says this has saved her life.

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