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All Bright in partnership with number 7

No7 has partnered with AllBright to create the No7 x AllBright SHEcovery course collection, giving women exclusive access to bespoke career tools and resources. This will help support them in their working lives in the light of the challenges that COVID-19 has created.

No7 and AllBright share a common belief that when women come together to support each other, they have the power to be unstoppable.

AllBright is the leading global careers network for women, marrying digital-first resources and tools with physical spaces, to support women looking to connect, learn and thrive in their careers. No7 partnered with AllBright to create a dedicated digital programme, offering women the chance to supercharge their career, wellness and network. Together we want to unlock every woman’s inner potential, helping them get back to work.

The No7 x AllBright SHEcovery course collection will consist of seven courses* of talks, advice, worksheets and inspiration to help women fulfil their potential. Check back in as courses come on.


A unique and resourceful series of short courses brought to you by No.7 x AllBright SHEcovery Course Collection.

It is with this shared motivation that our toolkit, a collection of career tools and relevant resources, have been launched to support women & No7 employees to begin their she-covery.

Within this website, you will be able to access these seven short courses. Each consists of a collection of bitesize video segments, worksheets, additional resources and a free downloadable workbook.


Welcome to No7 x AllBright’s course one, You Can Do Hard Things.

In this opening chapter, you will begin your journey with Sophie Sabbage, your expert for this course and the founder and CEO of Lifework. Sophie will begin by sharing why she is the perfect person to guide you in doing hard things; she has done many. She will then share what you will be learning and how this will irrevocably assist you in your path to she-covery as we turn a corner into the spring of this new year.

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In chapter two, Sophie will explore with you the two most disempowering and disabling words in the English language: I can’t.

She will share how we can shift our mindset from “I can’t”, to “I can”, to “I am”.

Exploring our mindset is vital when approaching difficult situations, unforeseen events or shocking information. It is in doing this that we are able to harness our strength, our courage and feel empowered as we remember our ability to respond to all that life throws at us and fundamentally make choices.

Accompanying this video is a worksheet to support you in your practice of this. It is called The Verification Process. This is your chance to get curious about your own mind and the information it presents you with. Learning, as Sophie shows, how to verify what you are telling yourself as true, false or don’t know.

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In chapter three, Sophie explains how OK it is to believe that you can’t and to say no to what is happening. She reassures us how very human, very normal and appropriate a response this is. How we need to have our, “No, I can’t,” in order to get to, “Yes, I can.” Here we start to understand that by shifting our mindset - from “I can’t” to “I can” – we may just find that we have more space to come up with creative and practical solutions to the situations we find ourselves in. To support you in this, Sophie shares a very simple and effective technique that acknowledges your “‘No, I can’t,” first, then takes you all the way through to “Yes, I can and I am.” This is a physical shift – one that supports your body to move through any stuck emotions that are preventing you from stepping forward and meeting life as it is, already happening.

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Chapter four is probably the most important chapter of this course. It’s about remembering how capable, valuable, strong, courageous, creative, and powerful you really are. This self-remembering – of who you are and why you can do the hard things – is a vital component of actually being able to face challenges. In order to access the parts of yourself that you may have forgotten, Sophie has created an exercise to help you remember. A generator for you to fill in within your workbook. Have this to hand whilst she takes you through the exercise step by step in this chapter’s video. Because, to quote AA Milne, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you’ll ever know.” You can do hard things.

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Accepting the unknown and placing your faith in the mystery. Something that forces us to relinquish control at the best of times is hard. Chapter five is where Sophie will share with you the immense power of not knowing. How it has allowed her to step into her life more fully than ever. Addressing the simple fact – one we as humans find so hard to swallow – that ultimately we cannot predict the future. This is a control reflex, one that presents itself in testing moments. A way we try to prepare ourselves for the worst. We gather the evidence of the past and decide that this is what will happen again, now. In this chapter, Sophie shares how we really don’t know what will happen next and how it is in surrendering to this truth that we get to live more freely. Within this profound realisation, you can turn your attention away from catastrophizing and allow life to write the outcome, making space for hope and faith in your every day.

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In chapter six, Sophie’s final video of the course, she will remind you what you’ve learned. How you can now shift out of an “I can’t” mindset into an “I can” mindset and how you can unite all the chapters in answering the big question: how do I respond in a crisis? Through bringing together the four processes – The Verification Process, The I Can Process, The Not-Knowing Process, and The Self-Remembering Process – you now have a toolkit to support you when you are facing any hard thing. Parting with a final gift, held within this video, Sophie guides you through a visualisation to bring your time to a close and honour all you have learned together.

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Sophie Sabbage is a mindset sage who has spent 30 years equipping businesses and individuals to unleash their creativity in response to significant challenges. She has a rare ability to accelerate mindset shifts at their root.

She is a Sunday Times bestselling author of three books about finding possibilities in seemingly impossible situations, including the international sensation ‘The Cancer Whisperer’ and a groundbreaking audiobook entitled ‘Awakenings in the Time of Coronavirus: And Lifting Emotional Lockdown’.

She has helped numerous leading brands respond to changing winds having led an award-winning business consultancy for 20 years. She is a world class professional speaker whose audiences leave wiser, braver and more effective than when they arrive.

Sophie is also a renowned patient activist who has been to the north and south poles of her creativity to stay alive since receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2014, during which time she has revolutionised mindsets in the cancer world. She knows more than most about how to be creative in a crisis and how to do hard things.


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